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A Plumber in Westminster That You Can Trust


For all of your plumbing needs in Westminster, your go-to plumber for reliability, integrity, and honesty is Easy Breezy Plumbing.

The promise of gold brought the first settlers to Westminster. Since then, we've seen our community evolve into a golden center for art, outdoor recreation, and history. Shoot, we even have our own castle. But when the "royal throne" at your Westminster home is not functioning properly, that's when you need to find a golden plumber - like the pros at Easy Breezy Plumbing.

We're locally-owned and operated, serving our friends and neighbors in Northern Colorado for all of your residential plumbing needs. We're open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We're a Christian-based business, serving our community with honesty, dependability and exceptional customer service.

Our full line of residential plumbing services includes repairs, maintenance and installation of a variety of plumbing fixtures, including:

  • Showers and bathtubs
  • Sinks
  • Commodes and bidets
  • Laundry hookups
  • Dishwashers and disposals
  • Sprinkler systems

Easy Breezy Plumbing offers routine inspections for your plumbing system, service calls, plumbing inspections, continued plumbing maintenance and installation services for all of your residential plumbing needs. Get the peace of mind you deserve knowing your plumbing system is operating a maximum efficiency by calling the pros at Easy Breezy Plumbing. When you want honesty, integrity, and exceptional customer service, call the plumbing pros at Easy Breezy Plumbing at 303-562-6464.

Drain Line Repair Will Keep Your Westminster Plumbing Operating Properly

A slow drain can indicate a fast-growing issue with your plumbing and drain line. Intrusions from root systems, clogs, and leaks can cause your drain line to malfunction. How do you know if it's more than just a simple clog? There are several signs that can indicate that there is a problem with your drain line:

  • Multiple slow drains throughout your home
  • Interior water backup
  • Foul odors inside or outside your home
  • Standing water not due to rain
  • Continuous clogging issues with drains or commodes

Quick mitigation of your drain line issues can keep the damage to your home to a minimum, saving your floors, walls, and personal belongings. At the first sign of a drain line issue, call the experts at Easy Breezy Plumbing. Our expert plumber will identify the source of your issue, work to remove clogs and repair leaks, and will recommend the best course of action for your specific needs. When it comes to drain line repairs, just dial - we'll go the extra mile for your at Easy Breezy Plumbing.

Keep Your Westminster Water Heater in Top Repair

Easy Breezy Plumbing is Westminster's leader in water heater repair. If your water heater is giving you the cold shoulder, the experts at Easy Breezy Plumbing will diagnose your system, discuss your family's hot water usage, and look for ways to improve the functionality of your current system or discuss replacement options.

The average lifespan of a standard water heater is eight to 12 years, so if your water heater is nearing the end of its useful life, water heater replacement may be your best option. Easy Breezy Plumbing will arrange for all permitting, installation, and final inspection of your water heater project, and leave you with steamy showers, clean dishes, and heaps of hot water for your family to enjoy.

For plumbing repairs, water heater services, and sprinkler winterization for your Westminster home, call your go-to plumber at Easy Breezy Plumbing.

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